Extension officers and farmers in Tanzania dicuss IPM of tomato (Photo: Stefan Toepfer)

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19.12.2014 | Jobs

International Advisor

Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Deadline: 06.01.2015

19.12.2014 | Events

3rd GRF One Health Summit 2015

04.10.15 to 07.10.15 | Davos, Switzerland

Fostering interdisciplinary collaboration for global public and animal health

19.12.2014 | Publications

The politics of Golden Rice

PDF, 423 KB

Adrian Dubock. GM Crops & Food: Biotechnology in Agriculture and the Food Chain, 5:3, 210-222. December 2014
19.12.2014 | News

Optimizing the use of water for drip irrigation

information by CODEV/EPFL about an irrigation project that alerts small producers in the semi-arid regions of Burkina Faso to the best time to irrigate by the means of wireless sensor technology

19.12.2014 | Events

Wie können die nachhaltigen Entwicklungsziele ab 2015 zum Kurswechsel Landwirtschaft beitragen?

21.01.15 | Bern, Switzerland

Publikumsanlass organisiert von Alliance Sud, CDE, Millennium Institute und Biovision (Vorankündigung)

19.12.2014 | Jobs

Postdoctoral Fellow-Agronomy

PDF, 25 KB
Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice), Madagascar. Deadline: 04.01.2015

19.12.2014 | Events

Die Saatgut-Retter

PDF, 445 KB
29.01.15 | Bern, Switzerland

Filmvorführung mit Diskussion organisiert von Erklärung von Bern


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Winners SFIAR Award 2014

Winners SFIAR Award 2014: Gurbir Singh Bhullar (FiBL, formerly ETH) and Angela Deppeler (HAFL)

Gurbir Singh Bhullar (FiBL, formerly ETH) and Angela Deppeler (HAFL) have won the SFIAR Award 2014


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