Extension officers and farmers in Tanzania dicuss IPM of tomato (Photo: Stefan Toepfer)

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22.08.2014 | Jobs

Professur oder Assistenzprofessur (Tenure Track) für Agrar- und Ressourcenökonomie

ETH, Zürich, Switzerland. Deadline: 15.11.2014

22.08.2014 | Jobs


Welthungerhilfe, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Deadline: 14.09.2014

22.08.2014 | Events

Anreiz, Knappheit, Nachhaltigkeit? Ökonomische Perspektiven auf nachhaltige Entwicklung

PDF, 31 KB
18.09.14 to 18.12.14 | Bern, Switzerland

Forum Entwicklung und Umwelt, organisiert von CDE und Interdisziplinärem Zentrum für Nachhaltige Entwicklung und Umwelt, Jeweils Donnerstag, 16.15 bis 17.45 Uhr

22.08.2014 | Jobs

Head of Project “Agriculture" in the South Sudan

Welthungerhilfe, Ganyeil, South Sudan. Deadline: 07.09.2014

19.08.2014 | News

Successful final workshop on the promotion of organic farming in South-East Europe

news by FiBL about the SCOPES project ‘Promoting university education in organic farming in South-East Europe’ and its final workshop that took place from 22 to 23 May 2014 in Tirana, Albania

19.08.2014 | News

Decision on Publication of SNSF Advanced Grant Postponed

information by Euresearch recommending interested researchers to be ready to submit to the ERC Advanced Grant by 21 October


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SFIAR Interview

"Young professionals should be regularly consulted as they will be the future leaders."
Rahel Wyss

SFIAR Award Ceremony Event 2014

Youth in the driver’s seat: How to involve a new generation in ARD
30.10.2014, Zurich, Switzerland


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