Market of traditional grains in Kastamonu, Turkey (Photo: Alessandra Giuliani)

Current Calls

Overview of current calls in the area of agricultural research for development  relevant for researchers based in Switzerland.

Call: Swiss Programme for International Research by Scientific Investigation Teams (SPIRIT)

The SPIRIT programme promotes team-oriented cross-border research of Swiss researchers and researchers in selected countries that are receiving development assistance; submission of pre-proposals: all year round

Deadline: 01.03.2020

Call: Doc.Mobility Fellowships

Doc.Mobility fellowships are designed for doctoral students of Swiss nationality or resident in Switzerland who wish to enhance their scientific profile by working at a research institution abroad. Deadline for a submissions: 1 March 2020

Deadline: 01.03.2020

Call: Early Postdoc.Mobility

Early Postdoc.Mobility fellowships are designed for early-career postdocs who wish to enhance their scientific profile by working at a research institution abroad. Deadline for submissions: 1 March 2020

Deadline: 13.03.2020

Call: SNIS Award 2020

The 2020 SNIS Award aims to reward and recognize the best Ph.D. thesis in the field of International Studies received from a Swiss University. Deadline for submissions: 13 March 2020

Deadline: 22.03.2020

Call for applications: 2020 Summer School "Food Systems in Transition"

The ETH World Food System Center is organizing a summer school in Rheinau (Switzerland) from 8 to 22 August 2020, for 3rd year Bachelor, Master's or PhD students; deadline for applications: 22 March 2020

Deadline: 31.03.2020

Call for proposals: Future Food Fellowships

Future Food provides opportunities to educate and train new talent around the food value chain by leveraging the complementary strengths of the Swiss academic and industrial research communities. The aim is to award up to ten fellowships each year. Deadline for submissions: 31 March 2020.

Deadline: 05.04.2020

SDC Call: Research and innovation for sustainable development

SDC is looking for promising research and innovation initiatives, which engage researchers from Switzerland and from the Global South and East and implementation partners from other sectors; deadline for submission of pre-proposals: 5 April 2020

Deadline: 30.04.2020

Call: Engineering for Development (E4D) Doctoral Scholarships

The E4D doctoral scholarships promote doctoral research for the benefit of underprivileged people in low-income countries. It awards two scholarships per year. Deadline for concept note submission: 30 April 2020

Deadline: 15.05.2020

Sustainable Development – International Bachelor and Master Summer School

The Centre for Development and Environment of the University of Bern is organizing this summer school to offer students a chance to deepen their knowledge of sustainable development and to acqure the competencies needed to act as change agents; deadline for applications 15 May 2020


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