Extension officers and farmers in Tanzania dicuss IPM of tomato (Photo: Stefan Toepfer)


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1. Auslandspraktikum in ökologisch orientierter Landwirtschaft  
Agrecol e.V. bietet Reisestipendien für Studierende an, die an Universitäten oder Fachhochschulen in deutschsprachigen Ländern eingeschrieben sind. 2020 werden zwei Auslands-Praktikumsplätze…  
2. International Cradle to Cradle Congress  
congress with forums, lectures and workshops organized by the Cradle to Cradle NGO.  
6. Striving for soil that's a cut above the rest  
news by Syngenta Foundation about its involvement in Kenya in a partnership between The Nature Conservancy and Syngenta to promote soil health, resource efficiency and habitat protection  
7. In der Schweiz verbotenes Syngenta-Pestizid verschmutzt brasilianisches Trinkwasser  
press release by Publiceye about the export of the pesticide Profenofos that is banned in Switzerland and that - according to Publiceye - leads to the pollution of drinking water in Brazil  


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