Extension officers and farmers in Tanzania dicuss IPM of tomato (Photo: Stefan Toepfer)


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1. Second Call for Transformation Accelerating Grants  
this call by the r4d programme allows teams of r4d researchers and implementing partners to make use of the knowledge, tools and technologies developed within r4d projects through translation and…  
3. Nematode-based solution against devastating fall armyworm pest  
news by CABI about its effort to find a viable biocontrol solution for the devastating effect of the fall armyworm on maize crops in Rwanda as part of an Integrated Pest Management strategy  
4. Nigeria seeds new hope for vulnerable smallholders  
news by Syngenta Foundation about its palliative seed delivery effort in Nigeria, a COVID-19 emergency measure implemented in addition to its program to improve crop breeing for smallholders  
6. TA gives companies a (lion’s) head’s start  
News item of Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture about their Seeds for Impact Program competition in Africa.  
9. Call for Innovation Partnership Grants with China, Japan, South Korea and the ASEAN region  
Innovation partnership grants support the establishment of cooperation between Swiss researchers from universities, universities of applied sciences or public research institutes with non-academic…  
10. Special COVID-19 Call for Projects Grants with China, Japan, South Korea and the ASEAN Region  
The call awards project funding for research questions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It comprises comprises all scientific fields. Deadline for submission: 30 August 2020.  


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