Extension officers and farmers in Tanzania dicuss IPM of tomato (Photo: Stefan Toepfer)


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61. Project Showcase  
University of Bern, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture August 2020  
62. Project Showcase  
What do we see on the project photo? The picture shows the presence of huge diversity among farmers’ varieties of tef. About 6,000 tef landraces collected from major growing areas in Ethiopia are…  
68. Helping to breed better beans  
An article from ETH Zurich and International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) shows that genomic prediction is a powerful tool for selection of new bean varieties in breeding programs.  
69. Call for Consultant  
Caritas Switzerland is looking for a Consultant to conduct a Market Assessment for its South Sudan Programme in October 2020; deadline for submissions: 15 August 2020  


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