Extension officers and farmers in Tanzania dicuss IPM of tomato (Photo: Stefan Toepfer)


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71. Call: experts for a value chain analysis in Burundi on Milk  
A new call for experts for a value chain analysis in Burundi on Milk. Each expert will have 55 working days (60 for the team leader). The period for the study is September 2020– April 2021; deadline…  
72. Call: experts for a value chain analysis, Colombia – cheese and dairy products  
The VCA4D analysis will help to establish a baseline against which to measure changes in the cheese/dairy VC following the implementation of the PDET. The analysis will focus on understanding the…  
73. Call: experts for value chain analysis in Colombia on cocoa  
In the framework of the EU/Colombia Multinational Indicative Programme and of the EU Trust Fund for Colombia (established in 2016), three contracts are being signed with CIAT, ICCO and Red ADELCO,…  
76. Vegetable Breeder  
79. More important than ever – but also more challenged  
The latest report from the Syngenta Foundation shows that COVID-19 pandemic has made radio information more valuable than ever for farmers in Kenya.  


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