Multi-stakeholder workshop on caper market chain in Jabal-al-Hoss, Syria (Photo: Alessandra Giuliani)

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Events related to agricultural research for development, with a focus on Switzerland

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29.09.19 to 05.10.19

IUFRO World Congress

The Brazilian Forest Service (SFB) and EMBRAPA organize the world congress of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations.

30.09.19 to 04.10.19
Royalton Negril, Jamaica

10th GFRAS Annual Meeting

Meeting organized by the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) running under the title "Role of RAS in Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management".

Bern, Switzerland

Enterprising Africa – perspectives for economic development for a young population

Symposium organized by Helvetas

01.10.19 to 05.10.19
Salzburg, Austria

Ecological Modelling Global Conference

Conference organized by Elsevier and the International Society for Ecological Modelling

03.10.19 to 06.10.19
Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


X International Agriculture Symposium organized by the Faculty of Agriculture University of East Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade (Serbia) and CIHEAM - Bari (Italy)

06.10.19 to 10.10.19
Ascona, Switzerland

Comparing organic and conventional agricultural cropping systems

"What can be learned from the DOK and other long-term trials?" International Workshop organized by Agroscope, FiBL and ETH Zürich

08.10.19 to 10.10.19
Bali, Indonesia

Transforming Food Systems under a Changing Climate

5th Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture organized by ACIAR, CCAFS, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Netherlands.

Zollikofen, Switzerland

Welternährungstag 2019: Agrarökologie – System Change in der Landwirtschaft

An event supported and organized by various agricultural organizations based in Switzerland.

16.10.19 to 18.10.19
Santiago, Chile

Transformations 2019

The University of Chile organizes the Transformations 2019 conference to provide a platform for reciprocal learning between less and more developed contexts.

Bern, Switzerland

SUDAC International Conference 2019

Think Global, Act Local: Relevance and Prospects of SDGs for Swiss Universities and their Global South Partners

23.10.19 to 25.10.19
Bonn, Germany

Knowledge for Sustainable Development: The Research-Policy Nexus

19th global development conference hosted by the Global Development Network (GDN)

23.10.19 to 25.10.19

14th International Symposium “Hazards of Pesticides to Bees”

Agroscope and the International Commission for Plant-Pollinator Relationship (ICP-PR) are inviting to join the 14th Symposium on "Hazards of Pesticides to Bees" . Submission of contributions until August 15th 2019.

28.10.19 to 30.10.19
Bogor, Indonesia


International conference on the topic of "Ecological Intensification: A new paragon for sustainable aquaculture"

Bern, Switzerland

Gentechnologie! Und Sie?

Diskussionsveranstaltung organisiert vom Forum Genforschung

Zürich, Switzerland

WFSC Research Symposium

public research symposium organized by the ETH World Food System Center

Bern, Switzerland

How to Write a Competitive Proposal for Horizon 2020

training event with Sean McCarthy (Hyperion Ltd.) organized by Euresearch

22.11.19 to 01.12.19
Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

Salon International de l'Agriculture et des Ressources Animales (SARA) 2019

Salon de référence agricole, animale et forestière de l’Afrique sub-Saharienne, organisé par le gouvernement Ivorien.

03.02.20 to 05.02.20
Montpellier, France

Crop modelling for Agriculture and Food Security under Global Change (iCROPM2020)

International symposium co-organized by CIRAD, INRA and INRIA.

24.04.20 to 25.04.20
Göttingen, Germany

GlobalFood Symposium 2020

organized by the University of Göttingen in the context of its GobalFood Program

16.06.20 to 19.06.20
Montpellier, France

4th International Conference on Global Food Security

Conference organized by Elsevier, Montpellier University of Excellence and Wageningen University & Research.

22.06.20 to 26.06.20
Montpellier, France

28th biannual conference on the Science and Information on Coffee

The president of ASIC (Association for the Science and Information on Coffee) is kindly inviting all scientists working in the field of coffee (agronomy, chemistry, technology, physiological effects, packaging, storage etc.) to attend this conference.

21.09.20 to 27.09.20
Rennes, France

20th Organic World Congress

'From its Roots, Organic Inspires Life' - Submission of contributions until 30 September 2019

25.10.20 to 30.10.20
Nairobi, Kenya

Joint 24th International Grasslands and International Rangelands Congress

Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries & Irrigation (MALFI) ist organizing a congress on the topic of ‘Sustainable Use of Grassland and Rangeland Resources for Improved Livelihoods’.


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