Multi-stakeholder workshop on caper market chain in Jabal-al-Hoss, Syria (Photo: Alessandra Giuliani)

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Events related to agricultural research for development, with a focus on Switzerland

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Zürich, Switzerland

A Tale of the Black Soldier Fly

An Institute of Food, Nutrition and Health public seminar focusing on the black soldier fly as a sustainable system to produce protein.

Lausanne, Switzerland

Rencontre sur l'agriculture urbaine et la coopération au développement

Témoignage d'une volontaire sur un projet d'agriculture urbaine au Pérou, organisé par Professionnelles En Environnement, Comundo et Chailly 2030.

Bern, Switzerland

Transforming Food Systems with Agroecology - From research results to policy influence

Learning Forum by SDC’s Global Programme Food Security organized togther with FiBL

27.09.18 to 29.09.18
Koudougou, Burkina Faso

Salon International du Coton et du Textile

Plateforme d’échanges et de réflexion organisée par l'Agence de Promotion des Investissements du Burkina Faso (API-BF).

Zürich, Switzerland

Nachhaltige Entwicklung durch Unternehmertum

Swisscontact-Jahresanlass mit Präsentationen und Podiumsdiskussion.

04.10.18 to 07.10.18
Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


international agriculture symposium organized by the University of East Sarajevo, the University of Belgrade and the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari.

Bern, Switzerland

Palmölanbau in Indonesien - Kahlschlag mit Konsequenzen

panel discussion organized by Brot für Alle.

17.10.18 to 18.10.18
Toulouse, France

2ème Rencontres Francophones sur les Légumineuses

Pour la terre et les hommes, les légumineuses au coeur de l’innovation

19.10.18 to 21.10.18
Bern, Switzerland

Forum gegen Water Grabbing

organisiert von Multiwatch

Zürich, Switzerland

Urban Agriculture – Fad or Future: Should tomorrow’s cities grow their own food?

panel discussion organized by the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center

Zollikofen, Switzerland

Schweiz – Mercosur: Wie gestalten wir einen gerechten Handel?

Tagung zum Welternährungstag 2018

07.11.18 to 09.11.18
Eisenstadt, Austria

6th International Conference on Organic Agriculture Sciences (ICOAS)

organised by FiBL and Esterhazy Betriebe GmbH.

Zürich; Switzerland

World Food System Center Research Symposium 2018

public event showcasing food systems research taking place at ETH Zurich

Basel, Schweiz

Arbeiten im Spannungsfeld «Entwicklung-Umwelt-Industrie»: Grenzräume bei der Syngenta Stiftung für nachhaltige Landwirtschaft

Vortrag von Paul Castle (Syngenta Stiftung für nachhaltige Landwirtschaft), organisiert von der Geographisch-Ethnologischen Gesellschaft Basel

Lausanne, Switzerland

Swiss Inter- and Transdisciplinarity Day 2018

co-organised by the Network for Transdisciplinary Research (td-net) of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences and the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering (ENAC) at EPFL

Bern, Switzerland

Forum cinfo 2018

Career fair for jobs in humanitarian aid, development cooperation, economic cooperation and peace promotion organized by cinfo.

Zürich, Switzerland

20 Jahre echte Hilfe

Biovision Jubiläumssymposium

Bern, Switzerland

20 Years KFPE Guidelines

Event organized by the Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries (KFPE) to celebrate 20 years "KFPE Guidelines for Transboundary Research Partnerships"

21.11.18 to 24.11.18
Rome, Italy

International Symposium on Agricultural Innovation for Family Farmers

organized by FAO under the title "Unlocking the potential of agricultural innovation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals" (participation is limited)

Bern, Switzerland

Leveraging Research Partnerships for Global Challenges

Annual Conference of the Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries (KFPE) focusing on the new roles and tasks for science in general and research partnerships in particular to address the 2030 agenda.

30.11.18 to 04.12.18
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Apimondia Symposium 2018

Symposium organized by Apimondia and Ethiopian Apiculture Board in Collaboration with Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries of Ethiopia.

06.12.18 to 07.12.18
Basel, Switzerland

One Health for Humans and Animals - How Do We Get Zoonoses under Control?

Swiss TPH Winter Symposium

Bern, Switzerland

SFIAR Award Ceremony 2018

organized by the Swiss Forum for International Agricultural Research, details will follow

Bern, Switzerland

HEKS/EPER Land Forum 2018

event organized by HEKS/EPER, running under the title "Putting the «Peasants Rights’ Declaration» into practice".

Basel, Switzerland

One Health - Ganzheitliche Gesundheitsvorsorge in den ärmsten Ländern der Erde

Vortrag von Prof. Jakob Zinsstag organisiert von der Geographisch-Ethnologische Gesellschaft Basel

24.04.19 to 26.04.19
Bern, Switzerland

Open Science Meeting 2019 - Transforming Land Systems for People and Nature

conference organized by the Global Land Programme.

20.05.19 to 22.05.19
Montpellier, France

4th World Congress on Agroforestry

organized by CIRAD, INRA, World Agroforestry Centre, Agropolis International and Montpellier Université d'excellence


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