Multi-stakeholder workshop on caper market chain in Jabal-al-Hoss, Syria (Photo: Alessandra Giuliani)

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Events related to agricultural research for development, with a focus on Switzerland

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28.10.20, 14:00h to 16:30h

Strengthening Governance and Land Tenure Rights as a Response to Climate Change

HEKS/EPER Land Forum 2020 in cooperation with IUCN & University of Bern webinar

03.11.20, 18:30h to 19:30h
Polit-Forum Bern

Planet Hope «Theresa Tribaldos: Ernährungssysteme»

As part of the Planet Hope series of events Theresa Tribaldos, researcher at the Centre for Development and Environment, University of Bern will address a series of questions on the basis of the Swiss food system and its links with soya production in Brazil

Bern, Switzerland

KFPE & SUDAC Annual Conference

organized by KFPE around the subject of "transformative research"

Zollikofen, Switzerland

Nutritious food for all - A challenge for agricultural research and beyond

SFIAR Award Ceremony 2020


ETH World Food System Center Research Symposium 2020

Plant Breeding for Global Food Security Webinar and Virtual Poster Session / Networking Event

11.03.21 to 23.04.21
Basel, Switzerland

Saatgut - eine Ausstellung

Exposition organized by Public Eye and biorespect

Bern, Switzerland

21st Swiss Global Change Day

once a year event organised by ProClim


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