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Swiss Forum for International Agricultural Research (SFIAR)

Swiss Forum for International Agricultural Research

Information platform of Switzerland on agricultural research for development:

SFIAR Newsletter No. 61 - June 2012

SFIAR Interview

Kristin DavisTina Goethe, Policy Advisor / Food Sovereignty, SWISSAID
"Farming needs to become an attractive profession again, able to provide a decent living for a family."

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SDC Agriculture and Food Security Network - Results of F2F Meeting
The A+FS Network of SDC held its Face-to-Face meeting from 29 April to 3 May 2012 in Zollikofen, Switzerland. Reporting and photos of discussions on land governance, rural adivsory services and micro-insurance are available on the Meeting Blog.

Sustainable agriculture and the “green economy” - Results of Panel Discussion
The upcoming Rio+20 Earth Summit can only be successful if it establishes ecologically sound small-scale farming as the main basis for feeding the nine billion people expected to live on Earth by 2050. This is the overall conclusion from a panel discussion at ETH Zurich held on 23 May 2012.
NZZ article about the conference

New YPARD Europe coordination office hosted by HAFL in Zollikofen
The Young Professionals' Platform on Agricultural Research for Development (YPARD) has established its new Europe coordination office at the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL in Zollikofen, Switzerland. Martina Graf - Master student at HAFL - assumes the post of YPARD Europe coordinator.

SFIAR Award 2012 - Call for proposals
The SFIAR offers an annual Award for scientists working for a Swiss institution in agricultural research for development. In 2012 the Award is addressed to young researcher, PhD or Post Doc projects. Deadline for submissions: 10 July 2012

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Risk Talk on food security in emerging markets
Organised by Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd
(05.07.2012, Rüschlikon, Switzerland)

Tropentag 2012
Resilience of agricultural systems against crisis
(19.-21.09.2012, Göttingen, Germany) 

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Research Fellow - Agricultural Development and Policy
Oversea Development Institute (ODI), London, England
Deadline: 25.06.2012

Fully funded PhD studentship: Managing Trade Offs in Coffee Agroforests
ETH Zürich, Switzerland, with fieldwork in Kodagu, India
Deadline: 31.07.2012

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A Guide for Transboundary Research Partnerships
11 Principles and 7 Questions. Bruno Stöckli, Urs Wiesmann, Jon-Andri Lys. Swiss Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries (KFPE), 2012

Transnational Land Deals for Agriculture in the Global South
Analytical Report based on the Land Matrix Database Number 1: April 2012
Land Matrix Partnership (CDE, CIRAD, GIGA, GIZ, ILC)
Authors: Anseeuw, W.; Boche, M.; Breu, T.; Giger, M.; Lay, J.; Messerli, P.; Nolte, K.

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SFIAR Internal

Next SFIAR Meeting: Zollikofen (HAFL), September/October 2012

Meeting Documents (login: sfiar3052, 365days)
- Minutes of the SFIAR Meeting of 27 March 2012 at Syngenta Foundation
- Presentation of Syngenta Foundation
- Climate-resilient small scale agriculture - SDC activities

Addresses of SFIAR Members (login: sfiar3052, 365days)
Updated address list

EFARD Documents (login: sfiar3052, 365days)
All the relevant documents from the European Forum on Agricultural Research for Development



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