Green Cotton project in India - FiBL consultant explains how to prepare the flowers for crossing

Photo: Matthias Klaiss
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Andriatsitohaina R. Ntsiva N., Laby Patrick, Llopis Jorge C., Martin Dominic A.
Agroforest Syst

he breakdown of plant material fuels soil functioning and biodiversity. Currently, process understanding of global decomposition patterns and the drivers of such patterns are hampered by the lack of coherent large-scale datasets. We buried 36,000 individual litterbags (tea bags) worldwide and found an overall negative correlation between initial mass-loss rates and stabilization factors of plant-derived carbon, using the Tea Bag Index (TBI).


Sarneel, J. M., Hefting, M. M., Sandén, T., van den Hoogen, J., Routh,D....Keuskamp, J. A.
Ecology Letters (Vol. 27, Issue 5)
Swiss TPH Policy Brief
Keller Chigusa, Joshi Smita, Joshi Tanay, Goldmann Eva, Riar Amritbir
Frontiers in Agronomy, 6:1370878
Kemper Laura, Dietemann Lauren, Huber Beate
Factsheet 2024 | No. 1999