On-station research trials at IPR/IFRA - Rural Polytechnic Institute near Koulikoro, Mali

Photo: Harun Cicek
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL
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Could global norms enable definition of sustainable farming systems in a transformative international trade system?

This paper aims to support diferentiation between sustainable and unsustainable agricultural production, with a view to

enabling a transformative agricultural trade system by incentivizing sustainable agricultural production. We argue that

transformative governance of corresponding global trade fows will need to provide support to the weaker participants

in production systems, above all small-scale farmers in the global South, in order to support their food security and a path

out of poverty as well as global environmental goals. The present article seeks to provide an overview of internationally

agreed norms that can serve as basis for diferentiation between sustainable and unsustainable agricultural systems. Such

common objectives and benchmarks could then be used in multilateral and binational trade agreements.

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