On-station research trials at IPR/IFRA - Rural Polytechnic Institute near Koulikoro, Mali

Photo: Harun Cicek
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL
Publication article

Maize boom, bust and beyond: Investigating land use transitions in the northern Thai uplands

Over the past few decades, increasingly intensive maize farming by smallholders in the uplands of northern Thailand has produced a maize boom that has fed the country’s livestock industry. Despite continuously high demand for feed maize, its cultivation has declined unexpectedly over the past decade, pointing to a major land use transition in the uplands. This study investigates the causes of this maize bust and its accompanying land use changes from the perspectives of smallholders. Drawing from fieldwork in the northern province of Nan, we examined their household-level decision-making, challenges, and future visions around land use and livelihoods.

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