Researchers gather data on land, labour, incomes, and quality of life in Laos

Photo: Sabin Bieri
Centre for Development and Environment (CDE)
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Keynote from Theresa Tribaldos (CDE) "Das globale Ernährungssystem: Wovon sprechen wir eigentlich?" and former SFIAR president Martijn Sonnevelt (ETH Zürich) is involved in the panel discussion.

Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) ETH Zürich

World Food System Center

ETH Zürich

This paper provides the first empirical evidence of how the rise in greenhouse farming changes labor demand ...

ETH Zürich

The ETH WFSC Flagship Project Enhancing Resilience in Food Systems seeks to directly contribute to food systems resilience by supporting decision-​​making in practice through stakeholder participation and academic education.

ETH Zürich

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