Smallholder vegetable production in Bolivia

Photo: Markus Giger
Centre for Develoment and Environment (CDE)
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HAFL Hugo P. Cecchini Institute Annual Event and Celebration of 30 Years of International Agriculture at BFH-HAFL

School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (BFH-HAFL)

As part of the SUDAC and KFPE Annual Conference of 31 May 2024 a series of online workshops will be organised in the month before and after the event in order to foster the exchange and discuss ideas how to promot sustainable, equitable partnerships, deadline for submission of proposals: 8 March 2024


Agronomist Samuel Guindo, the new Syngenta Foundation Country Program Manager in Mali, shares his views and future vision

Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture

Star anise is familiar to Western consumers as a component of mulled wine, various pastries and as a flavoring of spirits such as Pastis and Sambuca. It is far more widely used in Asian cuisine, being one of the key spices in Chinese five-spice powder, an essential component of the Vietnamese soup phở, and of various Indian curries. It also has medicinal uses, learn more about this interesting crop!



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