Bangladesh: Sunamganj Loluar Chor, Milon bazaar, Alpona Dash (32)

Photo: Simon B. Opladen
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Keynote from Theresa Tribaldos (CDE) "Das globale Ernährungssystem: Wovon sprechen wir eigentlich?" and former SFIAR president Martijn Sonnevelt (ETH Zürich) is involved in the panel discussion.

Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) ETH Zürich

In the project “Agreement on Agriculture Reimagined – Towards a model Agreement on Agriculture Trade for Sustainable Development”, an international group of experts from the global North and global South is exploring ways to redesign global agricultural trade to support sustainable food systems in diverse contexts.

Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) ETH Zürich

Key insights from an interactive virtual workshop underline the need for a profound reconfiguration of the current science system to integrate postcolonial thought and open science principles.

Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) KFPE

CDE researchers have worked with the government of Laos for the last few years, taking stock of land concessions and studying their quality, among other things. Today, a custom designed national digital information system enables Laos to effectively manage its concessions.

Centre for Development and Environment (CDE)

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