Smallholder vegetable production in Bolivia

Photo: Markus Giger
Centre for Develoment and Environment (CDE)
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This study investigated the performance of cocoa trees within an irrigated cocoa plantation situated in the semi-arid region of Bahia, Brazil. Two treatments were compared: “full sun,” where cocoa trees were not shaded, and “shade,” where trees were covered with a shading net absorbing 30 % of the radiation. The findings highlight the potential of dendrometers to quantify this effect what can be used in future to optimize management practices. By doing so, more effective strategies can be developed to enhance cocoa yield and overall productivity in semi-arid regions.


Agroscope ETH Zürich

Soil-dwelling insect pests may cause considerable damage to crops worldwide, and their belowground lifestyle makes them hard to control. Amongst the most promising control agents for subterranean pests are soilborne entomopathogenic fungi (EPF) such as Metarhizium brunneum. Albeit EPF can be highly pathogenic to their target pest species under laboratory conditions, their efcacy in the feld is often limited due to adverse environmental conditions. Here, we test for the first time if the efcacy of EPF can be improved when they are augmented with trap crops.

Agroscope Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL)

A paper from Agroscope's Konrad Metzger et al. details on-site soil sample testing using mobile devices.


Switzerland depends on globally imported food products and production inputs. For this reason, Agroscope publishes an annual report on Switzerland’s supply security.


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