Farmers mapping the land use changes in Madagascar

Photo: Jorge Llopis
Centre for Development and Environment (CDE)
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Most agricultural soils have ample total phosphorus (P) reserves but are very low in plant-available fractions for optimal productivity. This study gives insights into technologies, which increase the labile P concentrations and reduce the potential depletion of the non-renewable rock phosphate and the use of inorganic phosphatic fertilizers for agricultural production.

ETH Zürich Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL)

While it is well known that drought reduces potato yield, little knowledge is available on the effect of a dry season on bioactive compounds. The results of this study provide valuable information regarding the effect of

drought stress in tuber composition and highlight the unexplored potential of the Chilean potato gene pool in the development of varieties with higher bioactive


ETH Zürich

Join ETH over lunch to learn more about how socio-technical innovation bundles can be integrated in learning labs.

ETH Zürich

The annual research symposium of the World Food System Center highlighted the multifaceted research at ETH Zurich focused on food systems.


ETH Zürich

These Grants support the deepening of an existing partnership or the establishment of a new partnership through a joint project with researchers in Asian countries in any scientific discipline. Deadline for submissions: 31 January 2024

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