Green Cotton project in India - FiBL consultant explains how to prepare the flowers for crossing

Photo: Matthias Klaiss
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Building Climate-Resilient Cocoa Landscapes in Northern Madagascar

Blog-post about the "Climate-Resilient Cocoa Landscapes” project implemented by Helvetas together with abroad range of partner in the Sambirano watershed in northwestern Madagascar.

Annual Report 2023

The ETH World Food System Center's annual report has jus been published. It highlights the center's many research, education, and outreach activities focused on food system transformation.

Director of Research and Innovation

Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice)

Evaluation of the r4d Programme: Final Report and Management Response

The r4d programme was "ahead of its time" as an innovative research programme promoting sustainable development across borders. This is the result of the external evaluation of the r4d programme.…

Empowering farmers to build resilience to climate change

ETH Zürich Alumni Stories: Benjamin Gräub shares struggles and insights from his learning journey while developing a new app for farmers in Kenya in times of Covid, a project supported by a Center…
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